Kingston Has Shipped Over 18 Million SSDs With Phison Controllers

Kingston today announced it has shipped over 18 million SSDs that use Phison controllers! The relationship between Kingston and Phison started over a decade ago Kingston began using Phison Electronics components in USB Flash drives and then eventually in SSDs.  For the past five years, Phison’s controllers have been implemented in Kingston client SSDs including the recently released KC1000, an M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD aimed at power users and enthusiasts.

“We are very fortunate to have opportunities to work closely with Kingston over the past decade,” said KS Pua, Chairman and CEO of Phison. “We commit to deliver the most comprehensive and competitive next-generation products including UFS and NVMe SSD solutions in continuing Kingston’s leadership in NAND Flash technology.”

Kingston SM2280 Phison
“Our business and engineering teams, both in Taiwan and the United States, have worked together seamlessly for many years,” said Nate Steffens, vice president of Flash memory, Kingston. “Phison brings a high level of R&D experience, industry alliances and controller expertise to the industry. They have helped enable Kingston to bring to market many Flash memory-based technology solutions that support a wide variety of OEMs and end customers.”

Relationships with customers and vendors are part of the Kingston success story and the company celebrates 30 years in business this year. Kingston also uses controllers from other companies and has shipped over 5 million Marvell SSD controllers. By the time you add up all the Phison, Marvell, Intel and Sandforce controllers that have been used in Kingston SSDs over the years we think it is safe to say they have conservatively shipped 25 million SSDs.