Kingston HyperX DDR3 3GB 2GHz Triple-Channel Memory Kit Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Kingston 2GHz Kit Review

When Kingston sent out the press release on the HyperX DDR3 2GHz triple-channel memory kit we knew that it was going to be a solid performing kit and our testing showed just that. By comparing the Kingston HyperX 2GHz triple-channel memory kit to a mainstream memory kit running just 1066MHz we can see the performance benefits that can be had by overclocking both the CPU and memory clock frequencies. Kingston HyperX memory is designed for overclockers, and in order to reach 2000MHz you have to overclock your Intel Core i7 platform, so Kingston has kept the DNA pure with their latest kit of memory.

With triple channel memory kits enthusiasts will find themselves choosing between 3GB and 6GB.  At the 2GHz frequency level Kingston only offers the 3GB kit that we looked at today, but Kingston does offer 6GB kits at the 1333MHz level with a ValueRAM kit (Part number KVR1333D3N9K3/6G).  Down the road when demand picks up for a 6GB HyperX kit we are certain that Kingston will release one, but more people need to move to a 64-bit operating system for that to happen.  For enthusiasts and gamers that are running 32-bit operating systems the 3GB triple-channel kits are ideal as are the 6GB kits for those running 64-bit operating systems.

When it comes to pricing, the MSRP on the KHX16000D3K3/3GX memory kit is $334, which breaks down to roughly $111 per gigabyte.  The good news is that the street price has fallen dramatically over the three weeks and this kit can be found for as little as $230 plus shipping online today ($77 per gigabyte). It’s not too often that you see the price on a memory kit fall $100 within three weeks of being launched, but the world economy is pretty crazy right now. Even at $100 less than the MSRP a $230 price tag is a high price to pay considering that you can pick up a 4GB Kingston HyperX kit of DDR2 800MHz memory for $62, which is only $15.50 per gigabyte. DDR3 memory still carries a high price premium over DDR2 memory and it will be some time before price parity happens. If you’re wanting to go with an Intel Core i7 platform be sure you are ready to invest more money in your memory kit, but as the old saying goes you get what you pay for.

All said and done, the performance of this memory kit was impressive and it was great to see that it was overclocking beyond 2.1GHz with no extra voltage. Another thing that should be pointed out when it comes to performance is that no active cooling is required at 2GHz since the kit uses just 1.65V!  I tested the memory inside the ThermalTake Spedo Advance chassis, which has good airflow, and when I touched the modules while playing Far Cry 2 they were just warm to the touch.  Not what one would expect for some memory modules that are running at 2000MHz. It makes you wonder how fast these triple-channel kits will become in 2009 now that the Core i7 platform is here.


Legit Reviews Editors Choice Award

Legit Bottom Line: The 3GB Kingston HyperX 2GHz triple-channel memory kit lived up to our expectations and has been found to be the fastest memory kit we have ever used.

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