Kingston 32GB DataTraveler 112 USB Flash Drive

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Kingston DataTraveler 112

Kingston’s family of DataTraveler USB Flash drives are among the most recognized around the world and are always being updated. One of the newest additions to the Kingston USB Flash Drive series family is the DataTraveler 112.  This drive is aimed at the mainstream USB Flash Drive market as it comes with standard read/write speeds and a very competitive price point. With summer coming to a close and the back-to-school shopping season in full swing, storage devices like this should be high on the list of many of our readers. 

Kingston DataTraveler 112 USB 2.0 Flash Drive

The Kingston DataTraveler 112 USB 2.0 Flash drive series is available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities with each size drive coming in a different color.

  • 4GB – Blue – DT112/4GB – $7.62
  • 8GB – Red – DT112/8GB – $20.99
  • 16GB – Grey – DT112/16GB – $32.99
  • 32GB – Yellow- DT112/32GB – $75.98

Today, we are looking 32GB version of the DataTraveler 112, which is the largest offered in this drive series.  The DataTraveler 112 comes backed by a five-year warranty and free tech support, so if the drive ever fails during that time period you are covered. Other companies like Crucial, Transcend, and RiDATA offer just two year warranties and PNY offers just a one year warranty, so be sure to keep the warranty length in mind when pricing USB 2.0 Flash Drives. Just remember that warranty doesn’t apply to data loss or recovery, so be sure to back your data up often on a drive of this size. Kingston says that you can store 6,416 pictures that were taken by a 10 Megapixel camera, 6,080 4MB MP3 songs and 3,264 MP3 audiobooks at 3.7MB/hr file sizes on the 32GB DataTraveler 112. This drive packs a ton of storage into a small form factor!

DataTraveler 112 Features/Benefits:

  • Capacities – 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
  • Dimensions – 2.10” x 0.83” x 0.41” (53.40mm x 21.0mm x 10.50mm)
  • Weight – 11g
  • Operating Temperature – 0° to 60° C / 32° to 140° F
  • Storage Temperature – -20° – 85° C / -4° to 185° F
  • Convenient – Pocket-sized for easy transportability
  • Simple – Just plug into a USB port
  • Practical – Capless design protects USB connector; no cap to lose
  • Customizable — Co-Logo program available
  • Guaranteed – Five-year warranty

Kingston DataTraveler 112 DT112/32GB

The dimensions on the DataTraveler 112 are 53.40mm x 21.0mm x 10.50mm with a weight of just 11g, which makes it a fairly small USB 2.0 Flash drive. The drive has holes for a keychain ring or lanyard at the end of the drive, but it does not come with a small keychain ring which can be attached to the drive.

Kingston DataTraveler 112 DT112/32GB Capless

As mentioned previously, the DataTraveler 112 USB 2.0 Flash drive has a capless design, and by just sliding the yellow plastic housing down the drive is ready to be used. The capless slide design also offers some protection for the USB connector, but more than anything there is no cap to lose. The DataTraveler 112 also features an LED activity light, so you can see when the drive is active.

Kingston DataTraveler 112 DT112/32GB USB Slide

Flipping the DT112 over you can get a view of the other side and a better look at the slide design. The slide design is nice, and the slide mechanism requires slight tension on it to work. This is ideal as you don’t want the USB connector to be out when it is not needed. 

Kingston DataTraveler 112 USB 2.0

Kingston does not give speed ratings on their ‘standard’ series USB drives, so let’s take a look at a couple of performance benchmarks to see how the 32GB Kingston DataTraveler 112 USB 2.0 Flash drive does in read and write tests.

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