Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Lands

Kingdom Hearts fans have a new trailer to check out for the latest game in the franchise, Kingdom Hearts III. This game is from Disney and Square Enix and while we still don’t know when the game will launch the trailer shows what the game will feature. There will be several mini games inside the game and the trailer shows them off reports

The trailer shows the Classic Kingdom and was posted on YouTube not long ago. The original three characters from the game are playing some of the mini-games within the title in the video. The new mini-games are inspired by classic Disney cartoons and games from the ’80s.

The mini games include a version of Game & Watch that replaced the stick man with Mickey Mouse and Sora. Other mini-games include The Barnacle Battle, The Karnival Kid, Giantland, and Musical Farmer.

The trailer shows a town square of some sort that has people speculating. As for the release date, rumors suggest November 1. Fans will be counting the days until they hear more information.