KeySmart Pro with Tile Key Organizer Review


KeySmart Pro – Never Lose Your Keys Again!

This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 10th — and there is a pretty good chance that shopping for a holiday gift this year will be tougher than years past. When the folks over at KeySmart reached out to see if we could review the KeySmart Pro, a compact smart key organizer with Tile location tracking, it seemed to line up perfectly with Mother’s Day.

The KeySmart Pro holds up to 10 keys, and has an LED flashlight, rechargeable battery, Bluetooth and a bottle opener. The KeySmart Pro helps anyone from ever losing their keys again thanks to integrated Tile feature that pairs with the Tile app on your smartphone. This allows you to figure out where your keys are on a map and ringing them for faster finding.

Keysmart Pro - Rose Gold Color

It comes in your color choice of black, white, red, slate, mossy oak, gold, and rose gold. They also have it available in Star Trek themed varieties with one featuring Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the other for Spock in the original Star Trek series.

The model that we received for review came in the Rose Gold finish. The color you pick will determine the price of the KeySmart Pro as simple colors like black and slate can be found for $49.99 shipped and other colors run $59.99 shipped. That price may sound steep, but this little gadget is priceless for those that often race around the house trying to find their keys. Once the Tile in the KeySmart Pro is synced with the Tile App on your smartphone you can locate your set of keys stress free in a matter of seconds as long as you are in Bluetooth range.

Putting together the KeySmart Pro is fairly simple as you just need a screw driver or a penny to remove the two stainless steel screws that holds the plastic body together. Yes, the body of the KeySmart Pro is plastic and that was done to keep the weight down. All new KeySmarts come with a 2 year warranty and if it fails due to normal wear and tear within that time period it will be replaced for you. If feels fairly durable, but since it is plastic we don’t advise throwing it around or being too rough with it, besides it has a battery pack inside of it that you don’t want to damage!

The Keysmart Pro Tile Button

To use the Tile function you’ll need to download the Tile app to your phone, enable Bluetooth and then sync the two devices together. Once that pairing is complete you can use the Tile app to make the KeySmart Pro play a tune to make finding your keys a breeze. If you have your keys and can’t find your phone you can press the Tile button on the KeySmart Pro twice to make your phone ring. This works even if your phone is on silent mode! So, the KeySmart Pro makes finding your keys or phone super simple as long as you have one of them in your possession. In order to use this functional you must always allow location services for the Tiles app on your smartphone.

There is no monthly subscription fee for the tile app and it is free to download. You can sync your Tile account with Amazon Alexa and use Alexa to find your keys as well!

Keysmart Pro with Tile

The battery inside the KeySmart Pro is charged through a charging Micro USB port on the side of the device. It takes a couple hours to charge the battery inside and it lasts for about a month. Above the tile button there is a flashlight button to help make getting the key into the lock easier. If you use the flashlight feature often or have kids that play with the flashlight, it will mean that you will have to charge the KeySmart Pro more often. Using the Tile button will also drain the battery. There is a battery indicator light below the tile button that lets you know if the battery is running low or when it has been fully charged. The battery can not be used to charge other devices.

KeySmart Pro Keyset

Each KeySmart comes with a bottle opener that also features a key loop for a car fob or a thicker car key. Once you have a key on the loop the bottle opener can’t be fully opened, but it is still usable. We’ve put several keys on KeySmart Pro and found that it works great. Our keys are nice and tidy and it is nice to always be able to find your phone or keys.

With direct line of sight we are able to locate our keys from 55 feet within the home and if you put one interior wall (single layer drywall with no insulation) in the way, you are looking at about 40-45 feet. This is plenty as you can move about your home if needed! We’ve been unable to go through airport security with the KeySmart Pro since we haven’t flown since the global pandemic, but it should pass TSA screening without issue. None of the screws have come loose during our use, but you’ll need to adjust the screw tension as if you make it too tight you won’t be able to get your keys out!

You can also buy a ton of accessories for the KeySmart premium key holders as over a dozen items are available as add-ons. From a USB 3.0 Flash Drive to a firestarter – you can buy it as an accessory! The pocket clip and belt clip are both under $6 and might be very useful for people.

At the end of the day the KeySmart Pro is a premium key holder for those that are willing to spend $50 bucks on something to hold and make finding their keys/phone easier!