June 2004 DDR2 Pricing Update


Now that DDR2 platforms are out how are DDR2 prices?

The next generation motherboards that will be using DDR2 are now out and many consumers are looking into building their next system. Since your old DDR memory won’t work on these new platforms you will need to run out and buy new DDR2 memory modules. All the DDR2 modules on the market have been programmed to run at JEDEC standard 4-4-4-12 timing values. Below we show you June’s pricings indicating the changes since May.

DDR2 PC-3200 (400MHz) Pricing:

Crucial Memory:

  Crucial DDR2 Monthly Change Crucial DDR1 DDR2 Premium DealTime
Price From:
256mb Unbuffered
512mb Registered

Although there is no reason to buy DDR2 PC-3200 that we can see we have included the results to monitor the premium that DDR2 carries. The price premium for DDR2-400 verses DDR1-400 is still roughly 60%. Analysts initially estimated that DDR2 would have a premium of 10-20% at the time Intel launched the new DDR2 platforms and it looks like they were a bit off.

DDR2 PC-4200 (533MHz) Pricing:

Kingston Technology:

  Kingston Monthly Change Kingston DDR1 533MHz Monthly Change DDR2 Premium DealTime
Price From:
1Gb Kit

Kingston Technologies still have just their ValueRAM line of memory on the market. These modules use Elpida IC’s and come rated with memory timings of 4-4-4-12, which just happens to be the JEDEC standard for DDR2-533 memory. It is also on the Kingston line that we have first seen that a DDR2 module cost less than a DDR1 module at equal clock speeds. You can pick up a 533MHz module of DDR2 cheaper than an equally clocked DDR1 module! Not too bad! You can expect Kingston HyperX DDR2 modules coming up in the next couple months.

Corsair Memory:

  Corsair Monthly Change DealTime
Price From:
1Gb Kit

Corsair Memory launched their XMS2 line before their Value Series and were the first to the retail market with DDR2. All the current Corsair XMS2 modules use Micron IC’s and come rated with memory timings of 4-4-4-12 (the JEDEC standard for DDR2-533 memory). These are also the only modules on the market for sale today that come with heat spreaders on the modules.

Crucial Technology:

  Crucial Monthly Change DealTime
Price From:
1Gb module

Crucial has one of the largest DDR2 selections available and uses their own Micron IC’s. These modules also come with memory timings of 4-4-4-12 and are the ones that we have been using here with great success. We took a pair of our 512mb modules up to DDR722 (yes, That would be 722MHz) with ease. For more information on our Crucial Overclocking take a look at this forum thread highlighting our adventure.


The good news is that prices have come down greatly since last month! Prices are still not as low as consumers would like to see them, but one has to expect a price premium on new technology that just came out. Almost all of the modules they we have looked at from Corsair, Crucial, and Kingston have been able to run 4-3-3 timings at the speeds they are rated to run at. Currently there are no modules rated at 3-3-3, but don’t expect that to last long. Our contacts in the memory industry are working hard at getting some CL3 parts out and expect to do so in the next month or two. So if you are wanting to wait a couple weeks to see if anything new hits store shelves you might want to change your strategy.

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