John Wick Fortnite Crossover Rumor

This week marks the debut of the third installment in the John Wick franchise and hints have surfaced that a John Wick Fortnite crossover might happen. Wick has been in the game before.

Back in Season 3, there was an exclusive John Wick Reaper skin. The tidbits that have hinted at a new Wick crossover include the big house at Paradise Palms being changed to look like John Wick’s house from the films.

Fortnite data miners have also found hints of a new LTM mode called Wick’s Bounty with six challenges. Those include winning 1 match of Wick’s Bounty, playing seven matches of Wick’s Bounty, collecting 150 gold coins, and collecting 25 gold coins in a single match.

Players can also win challenges for dealing 500 damage with the combat shotgun and dealing 500 damage with the tactical assault rifle. Fortnite fans are looking forward to seeing what Epic Games is cooking up.