Japanese Gamers Can No Longer Resell Game Keys

One of the best ways for gamers to save some cash when they want a new game is by selling their old games or game keys to cover the cost of the new title. Japanese gamers can no longer sell their old game keys thanks to a recent change to Japan’s Unfair Competition Prevention Act.

Last month the act was changed to include a phrase that reads, “data (information recorded in electromagnetic record).” This phrase effectively bans the selling of software to allow gamers to edit their save games.

Already the change has stopped sales of software like Cyber Save Editor and reselling of game keys. Word is that digital stores like G2A in Japan will be affected by the changes to the law. A violation carries the possibility of stiff penalties.

Violators face the possibility of an injunction, claim for damages, and criminal penalties. The latter could mean up to five years in prison and a possible ¥5 million fine reports PC Gamer.