Interview with Tom Petersen – technical marketing manager NVIDIA MCP Group


LR: Why doesn’t NVIDIA support HDA?

NV: NVIDIA supports HDA on a variety of nForce products. For the high-end enthusiast market, studies have shown that end-users prefer add-in audio cards rather than on-board audio. HDA is important to the HTPC segments of the market and lower-cost integrated solutions. All of our newest MCPs fully support AC’97 as well as HDA.

LR: Okay, last question. NVIDIA QuadSLI. Isn’t this overkill?

NV: We certainly don’t think so! The ability to drive ultra high-resolution monitors, crank up the eye candy and still havesilky-smooth frame rates is definitely something we are excited about delivering. It also showcases the ultimate power of the PC and reinforces its position as the ultimate gaming platform.

LR: What will you need to run it?

NV: A motherboard using NVIDIA nForce4 SLI MCP technology of course! That, and the Quad SLI GPUs based on NVIDIA GeForce GPU technology. Really, Quad SLI showcases the beauty of NVIDIA innovation. Since we
have incorporated SLI technology directly into the design of the GPU, only NVIDIA has the ability to offer this level of performance and gaming. We’re really excited about it, and look forward to the market reception.

LR: When will we able to get it? And, will it be available for AMD platforms too?

NV: Soon, and you bet!

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