Interview: John Beekley of Corsair Memory in 2007


John Beekley on Power Supplies

Corsair 450W Power Supplies

LR: Rumor has it that Corsair designed power supplies have gotten off to a great start. With so many players in the power supply market, how did Corsair do so well, so fast?

John: To be honest, I think we executed well on the basics we listened to what the market wanted, and we developed a PSU that met these needs. We took no shortcuts, so the product performed extremely well, and was solid as a rock. Really, this is basically the approach we took when we entered an already-crowded main memory market, all those years ago.

LR: The Corsair HX620W Power Supply has been the top Corsair PSU for over a year. When should consumers expect a more powerful power supply or is it even needed right now?

John: Weve got lots of stuff in the works. But for now, all I can say is, stay tuned…

LR: How did you come up with the VX, HX and TX series? What does this naming schema mean?

John: Gosh, good question. Ill have to say, I had nothing to do with coming up with these names. To be honest, I think they mean about the same as TL and RL mean on an Acura. All the clever names seem to be taken these days.

Corsair Testing Line

LR: When did you move over the majority of the testing lines to Corsair HX520W power supplies? I saw that a number of the systems are now running your power supplies!

John: We wanted something that would not fail. Why not test with the best?

LR: Is there anything youd like to add?

John: No, not really, your questions were pretty thorough. I guess Ill just thank you for the opportunity to chat about some of these interesting subjects, and thank your readers for taking the time to listen!

LR: As always, wed like to thank you for your time and cant wait till we can sit down next year for another interview.

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