Intels First Discrete Graphics Card Powered On – DG1 Closer To Launch


Intel’s first discrete graphics card is still scheduled to arrive in 2020 and it appears that it is on track. We know that the card will be built on Intel’s Xe GPU architecture and will likely be built on the 10nm process node. We aren’t sure what month Intel’s first Xe gaming graphics cards will be launching, but we did learn something new today. Intel Chief Executive Officer Bob Swan told investors on an analyst call that they have powered on the Intel Xe DG1 graphics card for the first time in the lab. This is a good sign that Raja Koduri’s graphics group is on schedule for a 2020 product release. Swan also stated that Intel is on track to deliver a 7nm GPU in 2021 and is “well down the engineering path” for 5nm production.

Intel DG1 On-Time 2020

This news helps decipher the Tweet made by Chris Hook, Intel Sr. Director, Discrete Graphics and Visual Technologies Marketing Chief, this afternoon.