Intel Shows Off Futuristic Discrete Graphics Card Shroud Concepts


At the Intel Odyssey event today at Computex 2019, the Intel Graphics team shared a handful of futuristic shroud concepts (think the year 2035!) created by the community. Many of you might remember that Intel showed of some fan shroud concepts shown at the first Intel Odyssey event and the designs of Cristiano Siqueira were a bit hit.

Intel Graphics Card Concepts for 2035

This time around Intel wanted to push the boundaries and see what Cristiano Siqueira could come up with for the future. Think around 2035 in a time period where graphics cards may no longer be constrained to air liquid cooling.

Cristiano Siqueira

Many of the graphics cards in the concepts below use ‘ionic-cooling’ in a world where graphics cards shrouds don’t need to have fans. Ionic-cooling has been around for years an electric current across two electrodes to move air. When a voltage is applied across the two electrodes, the ions flow from the emitter electrode to the collector. During this process air molecules across an area, so you could cool down a hot spot this way.

Without further ado here are the futuristic shroud concepts shown at the event.






Intel Andromeda Shroud



Intel Gemini Shroud


Intel Oblivion Shroud

Intel Oblivion Shroud


Intel Prometheus Shroud

Intel Prometheus Shroud

Intel Prometheus Shroud

Do you have an idea for how a graphics card could look in 2035? If you have an idea of what the graphics card of the future could look like be sure to reach out to @IntelGraphics and let them know or see your concept/s.