Intel Releases Graphics Driver For Steel Division 2 and The Sinking City

Intel Graphics driver version is now available to download!  This is the launch driver for not one, but two different PC games that are coming out this week. The first game is the World War 2 Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game called Steel Division 2 that came out today. The second would be the action-adventure mystery horror video game The Sinking City that comes out June 27th.

If you have  Intel UHD Graphics 620 or better you should download these drivers if you want to try out either of these titles. These Windows 10 DCH drivers also contain a number of stability and security improvements, so even if you aren’t playing either of these game titles it might be worth updating your integrated graphics driver! 

Steel Division 2


  • Playability improvements and performance optimizations for The Sinking City.
  • Improved Unreal Engine 4 performance.


  • This driver contains stability and security improvements.
  • Minor graphical anomalies may be observed in Devil May Cry 5 (DX12).
  • Fixed visual artifacts in Microsoft Edge browser when Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing (CMAA) is enabled.
  • Improved support for Universal Windows Platform media apps.
  • Improved HDR support.
  • Miracast is unable to connect successfully after graphics driver is uninstalled and reinstalled on 8th Generation Intel Core processor family.