Intel Pentium Processor 965 Extreme Edition Review


The Extreme Edition Gets A Speed Bump

Like its predecessor, the Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 965 with Hyper-Threading technology boasts 1066 FSB, 4 MB total L2 cache configured as 2 x 2MB per core, Intel Virtualization Technology, Execute Disable Bit, and Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology. The Extreme Edition platform provides the horsepower and new capabilities that allow PC enthusiasts the flexibility to address the robust content creation and multitasking expectations of the high-end desktop market segment. Below is a chart comparing the latest Extreme Edition processor to the previous two flagship processors that it has replaced.

The Intel 965 Processor

According to the above chart the only difference is the clock speed, but Intel has changed more than just the final frequency on the Extreme Edition.

Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 965

  • 3.73 GHz dual core processor with Hyper-Threading Technology
  • 1066 FSB
  • 4 MB total L2 cache configured as 2 x 2MB per core
  • Intel Virtualization Technology
  • Execute Disable Bit
  • Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T)

The Intel 965 Processor

The 965 comes clocked at 3.73GHz (14.0 x 267MHz) with a 1066MHz front side bus. If this clock frequency rings a bell it should as it is the same core speed as Intel’s fastest single core Extreme Edition processor, the Prescott-based chip Intel 3.73GHz EE that was launched in Feburary 2005. There are two separate ‘Cedar Mill’ cores on the same package that make up the Presler core. Many call the Presler the first true dual-core Intel processor.

If you are thinking of getting one of these processors Intel recommends using the Delta EPS12V 600W ? DPS-600MB M power supply or equivalent with a 2×4 (instead of a 2×2) 12V2 connector to provide headroom and allow for more current and power to be delivered to the processor. The processor Vcc, Icc, and power specifications provided with the Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 955 still apply to the new Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 965. Now that we know what the Intel 965 is all about let’s take a look at the new stepping.

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