Intel Pentium 4 EE 3.74 to arise on Feb 21st

 INTEL IS READY to introduce its next member of its Extreme Expensive family. Intel decided to introduce this CPU on the 20th/21st of February. This new member will feature 2MB of L2 cache.

We already saw 2MB of cache and the 1066MHz front side bus (FSB) with the last 3.46 Pentium 4 Extreme edition CPU but this new faster fellow will provide some new features.

This will be the first Extremely Expensive edition with 64 bit support. This chip will work with Windows 64 bit and as we reported yesterday, you can already get RC 2.0 version from the internet. Intel calls its 64 bit support EM64T, making a rather sarcastic point about AMD’s naming schema.”

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