Intel Outs Vaunt Smart Glasses

Intel has unveiled some smart glasses that look decent and shed some of the stuff that made smart glasses so creepy to some folks. These glasses have no camera, that means no one can feel like you are eavesdropping on them. The glasses also have no buttons that you need to push or gesture swiping area. The LCD screen is also not glowing away on one of the lenses making you look weird.

Other things lacking are a speaker and a microphone. Rather than having a screen, these smart glasses beam all the data directly onto your retina. If you don’t like the look of the glasses in the image here, the good news is that they will come in several styles and will work with prescription lenses. If you must wear glasses to see, they might as well beam stuff right into your eyeball.

The glasses are designed for people to wear all day, they weigh under 50 grams. Intel also had a mandate to put the electronics and batteries so they didn’t put extra weight on the nose or ears. Everything is in the modules that sit on the ears. Having worn Oakley Thump shades back in the day with earphones built in, too much over the ears hurts.

Most of the Vaunt hardware is closer to the frames not on the ears, which is good news. The eyeball projection puts a HUD in your peripheral vision and can show directions notifications and works with Bluetooth and Android or iPhone like a watch. Sounds interesting and it will be cool to see how the masses respond. Vaunt glasses will launch in an early access program for developers later in 2018 reports The Verge.