Intel Finally Demonstrates The Larrabee Graphics Card


The second Intel Developer Forum keynote just finished and Sean Maloney included a little update in it about Intel’s latest discrete graphics card called Larrabee. This would make it the very first public showing of Larrabee, which is a big deal for enthusiasts and those who have been hearing about Larrabee for years.

Intel Developer Form 2009

Intel showed only one slide on Larrabee and you can check it out for yourself above. It basically states what we have all known and that software development systems are shipping now to developers. Intel didn’t actually show Larrabee itself, but they did show a demo that was said to be running on the Larrabee discrete performance graphics card.

Intel Developer Form 2009

Intel’s Bill Mark said that the demo was running on a card based off early silicon, and that the ray-tracing demo was running in real time. When it comes to performance there was no way to judge how fast the demo was running or if it was Larrabee was really inside the system. We can only assume that it was Larrabee and that it is well on its way to market.

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