Intel Core i7-8086K Delidded and Overclocked to 7244MHz by der8auer


der8auer had a chance to overclock an Intel Core i7-8086K processor at the G.Skill booth at Computex 2018 and got pretty impressive results. He started out by delidding the 8086K with his own Delid Die Mate 2 (DDM2) and discovered that Intel is not using solder. It has conventional thermal paste between the integrated heat spreader(IHS) and the CPU itself. He also looked at the bottom of an Intel Core i7-8700K next to the Core i7-8086K and saw absolutely no differences, which lead him to conclude that the 8086K is nothing more than a binned 8700K CPU. You can pick up an Intel Core i7-8700K for $339, so you are basically paying an extra $86 to Intel for a highly binned processor when you purchase the Core i7-8086K at the tray price of $425.

When der8auer overclocked the 8086K on the ASUS ROG Maximus X APEX motherboard with LN2 cooling he was able to reach 7,244MHz with around 1.9V on the core while keeping the temperature right around -185C. He reached 7.3GHz on the 8700K when he overclocked a number of those processors, but he had a larger pool of processors to use to get that overclock as well as more time. So, it looks like the Intel Core i7-8086K and the Core i7-8700K will have similar extreme overclocking results. For those that don’t overclock, the Intel Core i7-8086K CPUs base clock of 4.0GHz and turbo clock of 5.0GHz are a nice 300MHz boost over the 8700K’s base and boost clocks.

You can see the results on CPU-Z validator here.

Intel Core i7 8086K Overclocked by der8auer