Intel Broadwell-E Slides Leaked – Core i7-6950X To Cost $1723

The folks over at VideoCardz have posted up a number of Intel slides on the upcoming Broadwell-E processor series that is expected to debut during Computex 2016. We have no idea if the slides are real and Intel declined to comment on their validity. The Intel Core i7-6950X is the 10-core flagship processor that is coming with what appears to be $1723. Last month we saw an Intel Core i7-6950X sell for $1,950 plus shipping on eBay, so it must suck to be that person right about now.  The Intel Core i7-6900K will be $1,089, the Intel Core i7-6850K – $617 and then the Broadwell -E series will be completed with the Intel Core i7-6800K for $434 if these leaked slides are right. This is the most expensive Intel desktop processor that we can ever remember Intel releasing for the desktop consumer market, so we hope the performance numbers are pretty epic. One of the slides notes that the Intel Core i7-6950X with new Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 will be will be up to 15% faster than the a Intel Core i7-5960X processor in both single and multi-threaded tests.

Intel Broadwell-E i7 69XX 68XX (4)
Intel Broadwell-E i7 69XX 68XX (3)
Intel Broadwell-E i7 69XX 68XX (2)
Intel Broadwell-E i7 69XX 68XX (5)

The slides also note that there are three new overclocking features for Broadwell-E: Per Core Overclocking, AVX Ratio Offset and VccU Voltage Control.