iLive ISBW108 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review


A Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker For Under $20

Memorial Day is being observed in the United States and that is also considered the unofficial beginning of summer! Many are spending the holiday weekend traveling, opening up the pool, grilling and spending more time outdoors. Today, we have a look at an affordable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker by iLive that will ensure summer fun in the sun and water!

Meet the iLive ISBW108 Waterproof Fabric Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker is priced between $15.99 to $18.26 shipped over at Amazon. Price is dependent on the color that you pick out. Right now light grey is the lowest priced, Turquoise and Blue come at a slightly higher price and good old black is the most expensive.

iLive Waterproof Bluetooth-Wireless Speaker ISBW108B

iLive sent Legit Reviews the black model under part number ISBW108B to do a review on. This cylindrical speaker measures in at 3.4″ in length and 2.56″ in diameter. Inside is a 40mm driver and a battery pack that lasts up to 2.5 hours with the music playing at 100% volume.

What Comes in the iLive ISBW108 Box

iLive Waterproof Bluetooth-Wireless Speaker ISBW108B Accessories

Inside the box you get the speaker, detachable carabiner clip, micro-USB to USB charging cable, users guide and a flyer asking you to write a product review on Amazon.

iLive Waterproof Bluetooth-Wireless Speaker ISBW108B Controls

All of the controls are located on the top of the speaker. To turn it on you press and hold the center button on the top until it turns on. A blue light comes on and it will audibly tell you that is it is powered on. Once it is powered up you can pair it with a Bluetooth device and begin playing music.

iLive Waterproof Bluetooth-Wireless Speaker ISBW108B Bottom

The bottom of the speaker has a nice little pad on the bottom to keep it from sliding around on surface tops. It also has the company name, address, product name, model number, and other information down under.

Ingress Protection Rating of IPX5

iLive Waterproof Bluetooth-Wireless Speaker ISBW108B 3.5mm Audio Jack

On the back you have a 3.5mm auxiliary audio input and a micro USB charging port. The cap for the over the ports is really thick and this is because the iLive ISBW108 is IPX5 rated. This means that it is resistant to water splashes from any direction and can even handle a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray. It wasn’t designed to be submerged, but you can use it around water without worrying about it having a quick death. The box says waterproof, but it has IPX5 water resistance!

When you plug it in to charge, you get a red light up top to let you know when it is charging. This light turns off when charging is complete and the process usually takes a few hours. Playing time is 2.5 hours at full volume, which is pretty impressive for the size and sound that this speaker pumps out. You can’t use Bluetooth while it is charging, but you can play music from the 3.5mm aux input while it is being charged.

Become Friends With The Carabiner Clip

iLive Waterproof Bluetooth-Wireless Speaker ISBW108B

The included detachable carabiner clip might be something you overlook, but it is worth its weight in gold. You can clip this on a bag, shorts, stroller, bucket, or anything you desire. You can also use it to hang it from the wall or from a suction cup in the shower. This little clip allows the iLive ISBW108 to be used virtually anywhere and it will help it from being lost.

Music playback was pretty impressive for a sub $20 Bluetooth Speaker. It quickly connects and there was no static or hissing noises that many low-end products have. It doesn’t have the bass that many crave. You can only ask so much from one 40mm driver and it gets the job done. The clip above was recorded with a phone with the audio coming over Bluetooth on the iLive ISBW108.

Usually products in this price range don’t have the best quality control, so if you experience Bluetooth connection or audio issues we’d return it right away. There is only a 90-day warranty on the iLive ISBW108

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

This is one of those rare reviews that makes us wonder how a product can be sold for the asking price. The iLive ISBW108 sounds good and the audio is pretty impressive as you can hear from the sample clip we made above. It will easily fill a small room or outdoor area and will hopefully be able to give you a summer of fun. The microphone is passable for making Bluetooth calls with and the people we called said it sounded like we were in a car.

We really wouldn’t expect it to last much longer than a year and it seems like an incredible value for the price. The 3.7V 500 mAh rechargeable battery is not serviceable and it only comes backed by a 90-day warranty. That should allow you to get a full summer of use from it. You can pick up the iLive ISBW108 n light gray for $15.99 at Amazon!

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