IDF 2009: Kingston Shows Off 12 ‘chained’ SSDNow Series Drives

Kingston Gets Crazy With SSDNow Drives

Kingston SSDNow! SSD Drive Demo

Kingston had another strong presence at IDF this year and the highlight of their booth for our audience was clearly the SSD Demo they had setup. The had the recently released Intel DP55KG ‘Kingsberg’ motherboard paired with the Intel Core i7 870 ‘Lynnfield’ processor and 4GB of Kingston HyperX DDR3 2133MHz memory in the booth, but that wasn’t the impressive part. The system contained four Kingston SSDNow! M series drives and eight Kingston SSDNow! E series drives!

Kingston SSDNow! SSD Drive Demo

The full system specifications can be seen above and you’ll notice that in case you were wondering the model numbers on some of the drives.

Kingston SSDNow! SSD Drive Demo

We could leave it at that and let you gawk and the sexy looking Danger Den Black Series 21 chassis, but what fun would that be? Here is a quick video that we took (with bad audio due to all the people around us) that shows just how fast the drives are in a cutting edge system.

In this demo Kingston shows off the speed of four Kingston SSDNow! E series drives in a RAID 0 strip using an Adaptec RAID controller card and opening 50 files spanning 5 applications in right around 15 seconds. The other 8 drives in the system were to demo copying 35GB of data in about a minute from one RAID 0 array to another RAID 0 array. Pretty interesting stuff and it is always interesting to see companies like Kingston pushing the limits when it comes to storage practices!

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