HyperX ChargePlay Duo Charges Two Xbox One Controllers At Once

HyperX has unveiled a new line of gaming accessories for PC and console gamers at CES 2021. One of the new console accessories is the HyperX ChargePlay Duo. the device is a charging station able to keep a pair of Xbox One controllers charged simultaneously.

The charging station features a weighted base for stability and is designed to support Xbox One Wireless Controllers and Xbox One Elite Wireless Controllers. The charging station features two 1400mAh rechargeable battery packs and universal battery doors, eliminating the need to pay for replacement batteries.

The controllers can be docked without having to remove the battery packs. HyperX also includes an LED indicator to check charging status at a glance. The device is an officially licensed Xbox controller charger.

There are no cords required to charge the controllers. You simply place them on the charging cradle when you’re done gaming and walk away. The charger is available now via Amazon and other retailers for $39.99.