Huawei CEO Brags Half of its Flagship Devices Could be Foldable in Two Years

The smartphone realm seems to have gone nuts for folding smartphones. These devices aren’t like the flip phones we had back before the smartphone came to be. Rather, these folding devices are designed to offer larger screens that fold to make them easier to take with you on the road.

Huawei has a folding screen smartphone that it is working on with the Mate X foldable devices. Huawei CEO Richard Yu has now bragged that in two years time half of its flagship devices could be foldable. The executive also said that he expects the cost to come down significantly over time.

Image via TechRadar

Image via TechRadar

According to Yu, he believes that in two years time the folding phones will have similar pricing to current flagship phones. That would suggest somewhere in the over $1,000 range as that is where high-end flagship devices have moved.

Yu also noted that his primary device is the Mate X that is still in development. Folding phones are appealing as there is certainly a limit to how big a device can be and still be transported comfortably.