HTC Vive Cosmos VR Headset Packs 2880 x 1700 Resolution

HTC has released the specifications for its latest VR headset called the Vive Cosmos. It was teased back during CES 2019. The specs have been revealed, and it has good hardware inside. The headset has a pair of 1440×1700 displays inside that combine for 2880×1700 resolution.

HTC also claims that the headset supports VR at 90 fps with the assumption being that the headset has a 90 Hz refresh rate. The faceplate can be removed from the headset, presumably allowing the tech to be changed over time.

The headset offers six cameras on the faceplate for inside-out tracking. Replacing it could potentially allow for new sensors and cameras to be added over time. The headset also introduces a new controller design.

The controllers look pretty much like all the other controllers out there. They do offer several buttons, and triggers reports PCGamer. Pricing details are unknown at this time.