HP Omen X 2S Laptop Has Two Screens

HP has a new gaming laptop that it is launching that has a dual screen setup that allows you to play a game and watch other content at the same time, like Twitch for instance. The machine is called the Omen X 2S laptop, and it has a 15-inch main screen with 1080p resolution.

That main display has a 144Hz refresh rate, and buyers can option the machine with a display that has a 240Hz refresh rate. A 4K screen option is available as well. The secondary screen sits above the keyboard and measures 6-inches and has 1080p resolution reports The Verge.

Like any extended secondary display, the user can drag a browser window onto that secondary screen. As for other hardware, the Omen X 2S has a 9th Gen Core i9 processor with eight cores. It features up to 32GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q GPU.

The special cooling system for the gaming notebook uses a liquid metal compound that promises improved cooling performance. The chassis is metal and is 22mm thick. The machine will launch in June starting at $2,099.99.