Honda Teases 2022 Civic Type R


One of the most popular cars that Honda has produced for a long time is its current Civic Type R. The current car is very flamboyant with lots of angles and aerodynamic enhancements. Some people love the styling of the car, but others find it a bit over the top.

Honda is now teasing the 2022 Civic Type R with a pair of photographs showing the car clad in camouflage. Honda says the car is now ready for Nurburgring testing to help get ready to hit the market. While Honda offered the two images of the car, it offered no details on the vehicle at this time.

There’s not a lot that can be gleaned from the photos. It’s hard to tell exactly what the car will look like since it’s wearing camouflage. It does appear that the new Type R isn’t quite as flamboyant as the existing model. It is a four-door, and there appears to be a turbo intercooler behind the lower front grille.

The car is a hatchback with a rear splitter down low and three exhaust outlets at the back. The rear spoiler is a high-rise unit with metal uprights. Overall, the car looks very cool, and we can’t wait to see it without camouflage.