Hitman 2 Trailer Shows Off New IO Interactive Game

We were all worried when Hitman developer IO Interactive was put up for sale. The big property that the IO offers is Hitman and many gamers have been playing that franchise for years. IO promised that a new Hitman game was in the works and now we have a trailer for Hitman 2 that shows off some of the game mechanics.

You can watch the trailer at the bottom of the story. What is shown are some of the options that our favorite assassin will have in the new game. One new element to the game is a grid allowing players to see the field of view cameras offer. This will certainly help you sneak in and take out a target.

The game also has a new feature called Picture-in-Picture that has a window that will open on the screen occasionally to shows what other characters on that mission are doing. This is one way you will know if someone finds a body you stashed.

Hitman 2 will launch November 13 on PS4, PC, and Xbox. The game will include all six locations form the past game and settings in Miami and Colombia reports Polygon.