Hitman 2 June Update Adds New York Bank and More

Hitman 2 has an update landing today that brings a new sandbox location. That location is a New York Bank called the Milton-Fitzpatrick Investment Bank. The brand new map lets players take on a campaign called the “Golden Handshake.”

The new map will support Contract Mode as well. New trophies are included with the update. The download will be about 3GB on the PS4 and Xbox One. The PC update for the New York map is 2.5GB reports PlayStation Lifestyle.

The later Special Assignments Pack 1 is much larger at 10GB for consoles and 8.6GB for PC gamers. That pack will send Agent 47 on two new missions. One takes players to Mumbai to take out a new target called Basil Carnaby.

The new mission sees Agent 47 return to Santa Fortuna to stop Blair Reddington. The update also brings the game to version 2.40 to implement several changes and fixes to the game. Check out the trailer to see some of what the update offers.