Harry Potter: Wizards Unit Can’t Beat Pokemon Go

Last week the anticipated mobile game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launched from Pokemon Go creator Niantic. Data on how well the game did is in, and while the Potter game is doing good, it failed to match Pokemon Go. Sensor Tower data shows that Wizards Unite scored 400,000 installs in the first 24 hours post-launch in the US and UK on Friday.

Player spending is estimated to have reached at least $300,000 over the first 24 hours via the App Store and Google Play. By comparison, Pokemon Go had racked up 7.5 million installs in the US alone in its first 24 hours.

Pokemon Go didn’t launch for another week in the UK. Pokemon Go had racked up about $2 million in player spending in its first 24 hours. Wizards Unite was ranked 48th in the UK for iPhone spending and 102nd in the US by the end of the first day.

Pokemon Go was first in spending at the end of its first 24 hours. Wizards Unite is an AR game that forces players to get out into the real world and move to play.