Halo: Master Chief Collection Development Won’t slow Halo 6 Arrival

343 Industries announced recently that it would be working further development of Halo: The Master Chief Collection (MCC). That is very good news for fans of that game that have been put off by some of the post-launch struggles that game has suffered with. The further development of that game might be a concern for those who are really looking forward to Halo 6.

343 Industries has now stepped up and stated that development on the MCC won’t affect development on Halo 6 at all. 343 Industries said, “[The Master Chief Collection] team is completely separate from the broader 343 team working on the next Halo FPS title.”

343 continued stating, “There’s zero overlap or shared resources to ensure that the larger game team can remain laser focused on the future. I’ve read some posts from fans who are concerned that we’re cracking open mcc at the expense of the next halo fps title – rest assured that while mcc is incredibly important to the studio, in no way is this work interfering or taking away from the next big thing. We are committing the necessary resources to do both projects right.”

343 will be using the Xbox Insiders Program to share updated builds of the MCC with gamers. As for a timeframe on launch for the first MCC updates, the aim is sometime in March reports GamerZone.