H1Z1 Leaves Open Beta and Launches on PS4

PS4 gamers, a new video game has exited beta and is now available on the PS4 as a free to play title. The game is H1Z1 and it is a battle royale game from developer Daybreak Games. The latest update to the beta game brings it to an official release and there are launch bundles along with a season pass available.

The update also adds in a new vehicle for the game. Battle Passes are offered in three tiers including free, premium, and PS Plus. The Premium pass is $5.50 and PS Plus members will get that level of Battle Pass for free. Level progression can be transferred between tiers at no cost.

A Viper Starter Bundle is $5 and a Hardline Deluxe Bundle is offered for $35. The Premium Battle Pass is included with the Deluxe bundle. Both of those bundles are offered at a discount until September 4. Players can purchase some other items with an airdrop ticket including an RPG from gold-level drops and a SOCOM sniper rifle from purple airdrops reports Gamespot.

There is a new ARV that can transport an entire team and has a hatch for one member of the team to fire from. H1Z1 has proven to be popular with the game racking up 10 million players during the first month of the open beta.