GTA V Nears Major Milestone

GTA V has been around for many years now with gamers happily stealing cars and shooting the place up. Rockstar announced today that the game has shipped almost 100 million units. Just think about that for a bit, 100 MILLION copies have sold. That is up from the 95 million units sold that Take-Two (Rockstar’s parent company) announced in May.

Take-Two says that the game outperformed its expectations for the quarter. GTA V is so popular it is still the #3 bestselling game in the US for June having outsold some of the new release titles. GTA Online mode also exceeded Take-Two expectations for the quarter with the company pointing out that the game has exceeded its expectations in every period since release.

GTA Online is so popular in part because Rockstar supports the game robustly. The latest update for that game is GTA Online: After Hours where the players can open and grow their own nightclubs. Take-Two said that update “had a bigger week-one audience than last December’s Doomsday Heist, which went on to be a record-breaking update.”

GTA Online is supported by microtransactions and Rockstar says those have been performing very well. Take-Two says those microtransactions performed better than expected during the quarter reports Gamespot.