Google Stadia Controller Gains Wireless Android Phone Support

Android gamers who have been using the Google Stadia controller with their smartphone via a USB cable should be thrilled to hear that wireless support has landed. Previously, Google had rolled out the ability to connect controller wirelessly via the Chrome browser. As of now, users can connect controller wirelessly to any supported Android device.

Once the feature is live, gamers wanting to take advantage of the wireless Android controller functionality will need to be sure that their smartphone and the Stadia Controller are on the same Wi-Fi network. Users can then launch a game and follow the pairing instructions that appear on the screen. The feature was supposed to be launch yesterday; some users report that it wasn’t working quite yet.

Gamers will also want to be sure if they want headset audio that their headset is connected to their smartphone via either a cable or wireless connectivity. Support for the controller on Android isn’t, and all that came to the service this week.

New free games for July have landed on the service, including Crayta, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, StreamWorld Dig, and West of Loathing. Stadia Pro subscribers can add all four games to the collection as soon as they land. The Elder Scrolls Online is also free to Stadia Pro users until July 16.