Google Resolves Stadia Invite Code Issue

Gamers were looking forward to the launch of Stadia for the last eight months. When the service finally launched, some issues have upset Stadia fans. Google had said that those who pre-ordered the Stadia Founders Edition would get their invite codes to activate the device no later than 9 am yesterday. Many people didn’t receive those codes.

Google later confirmed that some users weren’t getting codes and outlined how the codes would be sent out in the future. Google had promised that the Stadia systems and codes would be sent out on a first-come, first-served basis reports 9to5Google.

However, Reddit and Discord both show that wasn’t the case. Some who ordered on day one hadn’t received their codes while others who ordered later had. The real issue with the codes was that the sooner a code was received, the sooner the user could register their chosen name.

Google wrote on Reddit, “We’re aware that some of you who pre-ordered Founder’s Edition may not have received your invite codes in the expected time-frame. The Stadia team is actively investigating this issue, and we’ll be back with an update as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.”

It later updated users writing, “We can confirm that if you pre-ordered Founder’s Edition in June, and your form of payment has now been charged, your Stadia access code has been sent to you via email. We are now moving in sequence through the orders placed on or after July 1st.”