Google Project Stream Beta Starts

Google announced earlier this month that it would be operating a beta for its new Project Stream service. Project Stream is a platform that streams AAA games that players can enjoy directly via the Chrome browser. Google invited people to sign up for the beta when Project Stream was announced.

Reports indicate that Google has invited everyone who signed up for the beta to participate and has sent out invite emails. If you registered, check for your invite email, there is a code unique to each user in that email needed to sign up. You must be 17-years-old or older and have at least a 25Mbps internet connection to partake.

You will need a Ubisoft account since Assassins Creed Odyssey is the game played in the Beta and Chrome 69 or higher is required. You can use gamepads including the DualShock 4 controller and Xbox 360 controller on Chrome OS, macOS X, Windows, and Linux platforms.

On Chrome OS, macOS X, and Windows the Xbox One controller is also supported. The mouse and keyboard are the other control option and laptop trackpads aren’t recommended. Google says you need an external mouse to play; the beta ends January 19, 2019, reports Android Authority.