Google Patent App Tips Game Controller Unveil This Month

A new patent application from Google has surfaced, and it focuses on tech for a video game controller. That controller is thought to be for the long-rumored Google streaming game console. The patent app is for a notification system between the controller and the console.

The renders seen here are not from the patent application but are based on drawings in the application. The renderings are from Yanko Design, via VG247. The patent describes a “game controller that provides notifications for a game invitation, a chat message, an indication that a user’s high score has been beaten, or the like,” noting that the notifications can be audio or visual cues.

Interestingly the controller will be compatible with lots of different devices where users might want to play games. Controller compatibility includes TVs, smartphones, and tablets.

The controller is expected to be unveiled at GDC 2019. The game streaming service Google has been cooking up will be revealed at the show.