Google Maps Search Is Now Highlighting Delivery And Take Out Restaurants

In many parts of the country, the coronavirus lockdown has restaurants scrambling to figure out how to survive. Many have turned to delivery and takeout as eating in restaurants like normal is now forbidden. To help people find places nearby that are still open for delivery and takeout, Google has updated both Maps and Search.

Google Maps and Google Search both now highlight restaurants that are providing local takeout and delivery service during the coronavirus outbreak. An update this week has Google Maps highlighting shortcut buttons to the main interface for “Takeout” and “Delivery” services. The new shortcuts work a lot like existing Maps shortcuts for restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops, and other locations.

Options for finding takeout and delivery locations locally have been part of Maps for a long time. Google is making moves to put them front and center during the coronavirus outbreak. Reports indicate that there appears to be no integration for services like Uber Eats or DoorDash, which are the services most places that don’t typically offer delivery or takeout are taking advantage of.

That means most are likely to find chain stores that deliver or pizza restaurants. Maps does have an ordering process integrated. The new shortcuts should be highlighted on both Android and iOS devices reports 9to5Google.