Google is Offering People $5 for Facial Scans

Google is reportedly sending workers out into the world where they approach people in public places and ask them to scan their faces. The Google workers are reportedly telling participants that the reason for the scans is to improve the next generation of facial recognition for unlocking phones.

If the people agree to participate, they are handed a smartphone in a big and bulky case and told to take selfies from different angles. Once the selfie-taking is complete, the user is given a $5 gift card reports Fox News.

The cards are good at either Amazon or Starbucks. I’m not sure $5 will buy a drink at Starbucks today. In exchange for the five dollars, the facial scans are Google’s property.

Rumors suggest that the reason Google is collecting the data is for tweaking the Pixel 4 smartphone (not pictured). That smartphone is expected to launch before long.