Google is Giving 100,000 Home Mini speakers to the paralyzed

One of Google’s accessibility programs that is ongoing this year will see it give away 100,000 Home Mini speakers. Google has teamed up with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to give the devices away. The Home Mini speakers are a great way to give the user the ability to control all sorts of devices around their home using voice commands.

The Home Mini speakers will be given away to people who live with paralysis and their caregivers. Google shared the story of one man living with paralysis, what it’s like to live with the condition, and how the Home Mini helps him.

“When you’re paralyzed, your home goes from being a place of comfort and security to a reminder of what you’ve lost. For example, light switches and thermostats are usually too high up on the wall and, if my phone falls on the floor, I may not be able to call a friend or family member if I need help,” Redd wrote.

Redd uses the Home Mini to control his thermostat and for other activities reports Android Authority. Google is also accepting donations via the Home Mini with a phase for people who want to give to use. You can say, “Hey Google, donate to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.”