Google Gives Money Back if Flight Prices Change

Google has a new Travel site where it offers better price-tracking for flights you book via the service. To celebrate the new features, Google is offering users who book the flight via its service a way to get money back if the price of the flight changes.

Users getting the difference in prices for flights that get cheaper back is a limited time feature running August 13th through September 2nd. Another feature of its Travel hub includes personalized lodging results that include some places you have stayed in the past.

The Google Flights price-tracking chart has been updated to include specific figures for the user’s itinerary. The page also shows the current lowest fares and if the fare price is cheap, expensive, or typical for the season.

The price guarantee feature gives refunds if the fare is cheaper than it was when purchased. It will do so for multiple guaranteed flights with the refund limited to a maximum payout of $500, and the price difference has to be greater than $5.