Google Fiber Ditches 100 Mbps Option for New Subscribers

When Google Fiber first launched, we all hoped that not long down the road, everyone would have blazing-fast internet at low prices thanks to Google. That hope never materialized, and while it’s in some places now, it’s not everywhere. The big draw was the 1Gbps service that people wanted the most.

The lowest tier was the 100 Mbps tier. Google Fiber has now announced that it will discontinue the 100 Mbps tier for new subscribers reports Slashgear. That means that there is only one plan left for new subscribers to sign up for. The original plan is the full 1Gbps service at a rate of $70 monthly.

Current subscribers who like their $50 monthly 100 Gbps plan will be “upgraded” to a 500 Mbps connection with a catch. The upgrade will push their monthly charge to $55.

While the low tier is being discontinued, Google Fiber also announced a deal that allows subscribers to register for YouTube TV at the same time. Our best hope for cheap broadband anywhere, maybe SpaceX and it’s fleet of satellites.