GoldenEye 007 Game Speed Run Defeated 15 Years Later

Way back in the day I spent all kinds of time playing the Nintendo 64 video game GoldenEye 007. It wasn’t the first FPS I played, but it was the first that I really got into and I spent way more time than I care to think about with the game. I was never very good or fast at it though.

About 15 years ago a gamer set a speed run record with GoldenEye 007 that was very hard to beat. That speedrun record was held by Bryan Bosshardt on the Dam level, which is the game’s first level. The speedrun was made playing the game on its lowest difficulty level.

126 other people have been able to tie the record over the years, but finally, someone has beat that time. An Aussie speedrunner called Karl Jobst clocked a run this weekend that came in at 52 seconds. Jobst recorded the run and it was broadcast on Twitch reports Mashable.

Jobst was understandably happy when he beat the long-standing record, and 126 other people tied alongside Bosshardt’s original record and Bosshardt himself are miffed. That video really brings back some memories.