God of War Passes 10M in PS4 Sales

Sony has taken some time to talk about sales numbers for its game God of War, and the numbers are big. The game has moved 10 million copies on the PS4. The figures come from a slide, seen below, that was part of a recent investor day brief.

Other standout Sony direct titles include Uncharted selling vastly more than 10 million copies and The Last Of Us which has also sold well over 10 million copies on PS4. It’s not called out, but the assumption for these sales numbers is that they include the number of copies sold as part of console bundles as well.

God of War launched in April of 2018 and quickly became the fastest selling PS4 title ever reports Gamespot. Sony is looking forward to the PS5 game console expected to launch next year.

Scuttlebutt suggests we might learn more details about the console at E3 this summer. Blockbuster Sony exclusive titles like these three games are part of the reason the console has sold so well and has outpaced the Xbox.