Gmail Dynamic Email Lands For Android And iOS

Google has announced that it is bringing dynamic email to Gmail users on Android and iOS. This announcement comes a safer dynamic email was added to Gmail on the web. With Dynamic email, users get the interactivity of AMP on mobiel devices allowing the user to take action directly inside an email. The feature means that users can do things like responding to comments, RSVP to an event, manage subscription preferences, and more.

One of the coolest things about Dynamic email is that the email can be kept up to date. That means if you place an order, you can open the original email and see updates about shipping status. Dynamic email would also allow job openings to be kept up to date in one message. Google notes that it is rolling out Dynamic email in two stages.

The rapid release domains will be rolled out starting November 21, and it could potentially take longer than 15 days for feature visibility, says Google. The scheduled release domains will begin rolling out on November 21 as well, and again visibility could take longer than 15 days.

Dynamic email will be on by default and it will be supported in all G suite editions. It’s always nice to get new Gmail features, and many will welcome this on Android and iOS.