GM Dealers Adding Money Onto Reservations And MSRP Called Out


GM North America President Steve Carlisle has sent a statement to the GM dealership network threatening to revoke the allocation of popular GM vehicles if dealers don’t stop engaging in shady practices. Specifically, Carlisle calls out GM dealers demanding that people who reserve popular vehicles like the Silverado EV, Hummer EV, and Corvette Z06 pay additional money on top of the GM reservation fees.

While that’s great, even better is that in the statement, Carlisle also calls out dealerships who are demanding that GM customers pay over MSRP to purchase or lease a vehicle. Market adjustments that add tens of thousands of dollars onto the MSRP of some vehicles certainly isn’t a greedy dealer tactic specific to GM dealerships.

Virtually all dealerships commonly add what they call market adjustments to the MSRP of popular vehicles in an attempt to squeeze all the money possible out of fans looking to purchase those cars and trucks. Carlisle reminds GM dealers of their obligation to “ethically and lawfully” sell GM products per Article 5 of the Dealer Sales and Service Agreement.

Carlisle says that any dealership that runs afoul of Article 5 will see their allocation for vehicles eliminated. Essentially that means any dealer caught charging market adjustments for a vehicle like the Corvette Z06 won’t get any of those cars to sell. This is great news for fans, and we hope other automotive manufacturers follow suit.