Glorious Gives Consumers The Model D Lightweight Gaming Mouse

Glorious Has Finally Unleashed Their Highly Anticipated D

Glorious PC Gaming Race has been around for a few years now, initially putting out simple products like mouse pads and wrist rests. In 2019, Glorious PC Gaming Race established itself as a player in the mouse market with the release of the Model O, a lightweight gaming mouse with a unique HoneyComb shell design and features necessary to compete in the current market, like a 1:1 Pixart sensor and controllable RGB lighting. Reviewers and consumers raved over the Model O and it would become highly sought after, often selling out quickly after Glorious procured new stock. After releasing the Model O, Glorious began teasing their Model D mouse, which would feature a more familiar, ergonomic shape with a HoneyComb shell. Teasing the D only led to consumer anticipation of when the product would finally be available. Today is that day.

The Model D is available for sale in both matte black and matte white colors on the Glorious PC Gaming Race Website as of now, with the glossy models currently unavailable. The Model D features the same HoneyComb shell design as the Model O, but in an ergonomic shape that is very similar to popular mice like the Razer DeathAdder and Logitech G703. The Model D has been designed with comfort in mind, with small features like grooved areas in the mouse buttons and a soft touch scroll wheel. Glorious has also made improvements to their Ascended cord, which was already one of the best cords available on any gaming mouse. To keep your Model D gliding smoothly, Glorious is including their G-Skates mouse feet, along with a larger set of G-Skates that can be installed to allow for even less friction.

Glorious is including a Pixart PMW3360 sensor on the D, which isn’t the latest, but I’ll be damned if I can tell a difference in use between it and newer Pixart offerings. The PMW3360 offers 1:1 tracking and has been in the mice of plenty of professional gamers over the years. So, even though it’s not the latest Pixart sensor, it’s still more than good enough for the best competitive gamers out there.

With the matte models of the Model D available for just $49.99 and the glossy models for $59.99, the Model D is coming in at a pretty competitive price point for a high end gaming mouse. Each model features fully controllable RGB lighting that spans each side of the mouse. Glorious even includes a two year warranty with the Model D, so you’ll be protected on your investment. Look for our full review of the Glorious Model D in the coming days.