Gigantic Duke Original Xbox Controller Returns in March

If you had an original Xbox back in the day and you bought it early in the run of the console, you remember the massive controller that shipped with the game system. The folks with big hands loved that controller called Duke. Folks with small hands hated it.

That controller didn’t last long before being replaced with something smaller. If you pine for the good ole days when that massive controller was the ticket, Hyperkin is bringing the Duke back. The controller will launch in March and will sell for $69.99 reports CNet.

It will be compatible with the Xbox and PC gaming. It has a pair of shoulder buttons and the center screen is an OLED that shows the old Xbox launch logo when pressed. It’s cool even if unnecessarily running up the price of the controller.

The controller does reportedly only work with a USB connection, no wireless play. This sounds like something that retro gamers can get behind, assuming they have a long USB cable.