Gennum nXZEN VoIP Bluetooth Headset Review

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Thoughts and Conclusions

Gennum nXZEN VoIP

Overall the nXZEN by Gennum and its accompanying VoIP bundle did very well in all tests that we ran.  The headset paired with all devices tested and functioned smoothly and seamlessly.  The noise cancellation featured on this set continues to outshine all other headsets that we have tested at the Legit Labs.  If you want the best noise canceling Bluetooth headset, this is by far the best set you can get. Some users may not like the ‘in-the-ear’ design though, but Gennum anticipates this by including a number of different sized ear tips included in their packaging. 

Working with the Bluetooth dongle software is refreshing treat.  No longer are there worries about incompatibility between headsets and Bluetooth stacks.  The installation of the software went flawlessly with no errors on our desktop PC nor laptop.  The ability to easily switch from ‘audio mode’ to ‘phone mode’ with the touch of a button is something that we hope to see from manufactures in the future.  For now, Gennum is the only one who seems to have it right.  We also tested three different Bluetooth headsets with the dongle including Gennum’s nXZEN, Plantronic’s Discovery, and Plantronic’s Pulsar. The dongle and Bluetooth stack functioned perfectly and didn’t seem to mind the variety of hardware. No more hoping that you will hit the correct combination of keys on your computer and buttons on your headset to pair the device in ‘music’ or ‘speech’ mode.  The Gennum nXZEN Dongle Manager takes the mystery and pain out of this process.

nXZEN Gennum

Legit Bottom Line

Like we stated in our earlier review of the Gennum nXZEN: You will not find a better noise-canceling Bluetooth headset on the market today. Period.  For those looking for a an all-in-one-solution for a solid headset to use with their PC and cell phone, look no further and tell Santa to get you Gennum’s $169 nXZEN VoIP.  We just wish it were a bit more comfortable.

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