Geforce 6200TC works slowly with 512MB memory

 OUR DUTCH friend, winner of the INQ 2004 fashion award, has noticed something about 6200TC that many other people haven’t. When he tested NV44, Geforce 6200TC he didn’t want to follow Nvidia’s master plan. Nvidia advised people to use fast CPUs and 1024 MB of memory. That’s not any kind of entry level system to us.

A normal entry level system these days comes with 512MB and it is natural to choose this amount of memory for testing rather than 1024 MB.

It turns out that X300SE gets very competitive in Half Life 2 when you use 512MB of memory. When using 1024MB of RAM, the Nvidia 6200TC is the clear winner over X300SE. With 1024MB in Doom 3 Geforce 6200TC scores 20.9 FPS, while when you use 512MB, the performance drops three times to a rather pathetic and non payable 6 FPS. Oops.”

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