GeForce 430.64 WHQL Drivers Ready Drivers Released

NVIDIA has released new GeForce Game Ready 430.64 WHQL drivers for download this afternoon. These drivers offer up to an 18% performance improvement due to Vulkan-renderer enhancements to the recently-released game World War Z. This goes to show that the NVIDIA driver team continues to optimize and tune graphics card drivers even after a game launches.

wwz performance

GeForce 430.64 drivers also offer day-one support for Rage 2 and Total War: Three Kingdoms.  Additional fixes in the drivers are listed below.

Fixed Issues in GeForce 430.64 Drivers

  • Fixes higher CPU usage by NVDisplay.Container.exe introduced in 430.39 driver. [2577118]
  • [3DMark Time Spy]: Flickering observed when benchmark is launched. [200511272]
  • [BeamNG]: The application crashes when the game is launched. [2575392]
  • [Shadow of the Tomb Raider]: The game freezes when launched in SLI mode. [2575536]
  • [Hitman 2 DirectX 12]: The game crashes. [2584342]
  • The desktop flickers when videos are played on the secondary monitor. [2552316, 2565509]